3 Winter Skin Care Tips

We all know that cold winter air can be harsh on skin, especially when you live in an already dry climate! Having a regular winter skin care routine is important when it comes to taking care of our skin! We have decided to come up with 3 different tips so you can know how to keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated during the tough winter months.

#1 Watch the Soap You are Using

soap bottle next to bathroom sink

Have you ever thought about the kind of soap you were using? Turns out it could have a big affect on your skin. Foaming soap can really dry out your skin and leave your skin feeling itchy and dry. Use gel or oil based soaps to help your skin keep it’s natural hydration. Watch what soap you are using to battle the dry winter skin.

#2 Drink More Water!

glass being filled with water

You wouldn’t think that drinking water would have a direct impact on your skin but it helps your body regulate hydration to your organs. And that includes your skin! Did you know that in those dry, bitter winter month the air can actually draw the water right out of your skin by osmosis!

Drinking water regularly is so important for your winter skin care. It is sometime hard to remember to continuously be drinking water, especially during the cold winter months. Set a reminder on your phone, or mark your water bottle with reminders to drink! Any way you can remind yourself, just remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

#3 Ditch the Makeup Remover Wipes

Woman washing her face

Makeup Removers are great way to easily take off your makeup at the end of the night. But some makeup removers are alcohol-based, meaning they actually dry out your skin. Instead of using wipes to remove your makeup consider buying an oil based remover so you can clean your face without stripping it of all its hydration.

woman blowing snow in a winter storm

Winter is rough on everyone's skin so we want to help you keep your skin healthy and hydrated! Let us know what your favorites are for a winter skin care routine!

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