7 Best Fruits to Eat for Glowing Skin

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Fruit is rich in antioxidants and important vitamins and did you know that fruits create glowing, healthy skin! At Sugar Me Smooth we only incorporate 100% all natural ingredients into our Sugar, to ensure healthy, glowing skin!

1.  Pomegranate     

Pomegranate juice contains polyphenols that increase blood flow to the skin. This reduces lines and freckles, as well as prevent damaged skin from UV rays. Pomegranate juice also promotes cell growth, and prevents wrinkles. 

2.  Bananas

Bananas contain amino acids that help increase skin elasticity. Bananas also contain Zinc and Potassium which fight bacteria and re-hydrate the skin!

3.  Watermelon

While eating this fruit is greatly hydrating (and therefore great for your skin), this fruit can be used as a skin cleanse after a long days work! Rub watermelon on your skin as a natural toner!

4. Papaya

Mashed papaya helps smooth rough skin and prevents the early-onset of wrinkles! 

5.  Kiwi

Kiwis contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids which help protect your skin from germs and infections. Kiwi is also high in Vitamin C which helps produces collagen to keep your skin firm and happy!

6.  Oranges

Eat oranges regularly to ensure your skin is glowing. Putting orange juice on your face also helps extract blackheads and gives you a lighter skin tone!

7. Apples

"An apple a day keeps the (skin) doctor away". Apples help brighten and lighten your skin, and also protect against tanning damages. 


Sugar Me Smooth is 100% All Natural and 100% all for smooth skin! Eating the right foods helps your skin naturally look good, and Sugar Me Smooth has the skincare regimen to ensure that your skin is hair- free, exfoliated, and moisturized. 

Just like fruit, Sugar Me Smooth products are made with 100% All- Natural ingredients. Take our most popular product, the Body Hair Removal System

Sugar, Lemons, and Water are the only 3 ingredients that we put in our Sugar! The soothing solution is a natural toner to restore nutrients to the skin after sugaring, and the prepping powder is talc- free. See? Totally natural.  

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Happy Sugaring!