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Spring Cleaning (The Skin Edition)- Get that hair OUTTA there!

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Exfoliating brush on Sugaring scrub

Spring cleaning is right around the corner! Everything will start blossoming, the air will get warmer, and we know what that means! Shorts, short sleeves and putting away those winter coats!! That includes the hair on your body! ๐Ÿ˜‚ We have decided to give you 3 tips for spring cleaning your skin, along with your other spring cleaning responsibilities!

#1 Take a Bath ๐Ÿ›€

After a long winter, it will be amazing to soak in some nice warm water and really get your skin soft! This will help make step 2 easier. Add a bath bomb, essential oils, or your favorite candle to make the tub all the more enjoyable to be in!


After you long bath it is time to get that dead layer of skin off of you, exfoliate your skin to remove any dust or extra layers of skin that is hanging on since winter! We recommend using a sugaring scrub in order to moisturize your skin as well as exfoliate it. This will help you feel like a brand new woman with fresh skin and a healthy glow.

#3 Remove the Fur ๐Ÿ˜œ

The last and most important step is to remove all the unwanted hair from your body. There are lots of ways of doing this but our best way we can recommend is using Sugar Me Smooth's all natural hair removal products to get long-lasting hair removal! Because your skin is exfoliated and thanks to the amazing formula of Sugar Me Smooth you can get the hair more at the root making your smooth skin last for 6-8 weeks! THAT'S 2 MONTHS OF NO HAIR!!ย 

So get your Sugar Me Smooth and head for the tub to give yourself a good spring cleaning and welcome spring here with smooth skin!