Benefits of doing a Brazilians at HOME!!

We recently talked about how to do a Brazilian at home without hurting yourself, you can find that here. But what are the positives that come from simply doing your own brazilian? Is it worth it? Our humble opinion (and we are pretty much hair removal experts) is that yes it is totally worth it and here are some of the great benefits when it comes to giving yourself a brazilian!


One of the biggest benefits to doing your own brazilian and not going into a salon is how much money you will save. Normal brazilian from a salon can cost anywhere from $50-$200 to have someone else remove the hair. The professional brazilians you need to get every month, making the total cost for a year is $600, compared to a bikini kit from Sugar Me Smooth costing a total of $56. Meaning you can save a minimum of $550 a year.

#2 Less Frequent Hair Removal

A professional brazilian usually lasts for less than 4 weeks before your hair is back and you need another brazilian. That can be rough on that sensitive skin there and makes it so you don't really want to go to the salon because your skin can still be recovering. With sugaring, your hair will not come back for at least 6-8 weeks. This allows you to enjoy smooth skin without worrying about your next appointment.

#3 It is how you Want it to Be

The final benefit of doing a brazilian at home is being able to control how the brazillian turns out. When you leave it to someone else, you might not end up with exactly what you wanted. Trust yourself with your own brazilian and the results will be exactly how you like it.

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