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Cupid! Who is he?

Posted by Ashton Crump on

Cupid! Who is he?

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love the holiday for love and we all know the mascot of valentine’s day is the one and only Cupid! But where did he come from? How was he assigned to be the one to make us fall in love? Why does he have an arrow to shoot people with? These are all great questions that we want to answer on this beautiful day of love!

Engagement ring on a plate with the word love

Who is Cupid?

The story of Cupid goes all the way back to the time of Roman mythology. Cupid is the god of desire, affection, and love. Legend tells that Cupid was the son of Venus, who is the goddess of love, and Mercury, the messenger god. That is why Cupid is trying to deliver messages of love to everyone in the world. Cupid is meant to represent innocence and an angelic figure when it comes to the day of love. Cupid is usually depicted as a chubby little baby boy who is wearing a diaper! Cupid is just who we need for us to have a perfect valentine’s day!

outline of cupid with a bow and arrow

What is with the Bow and Arrow?

Cupid has a bow and arrow that if shot by an arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire and love for someone or something. But why a bow and arrow, the legend is that when you get hit by one of cupid's arrow your old heart dies and you can now love someone with a whole new heart. That is pretty sweet sentiment when you think about it. Cupid is just wanting pure love, so if you seem to be struck by cupid’s arrow, embrace for today!

We hope you have a happy Valentine’s day from all of us at Sugar Me Smooth and learned a little something about our cute messenger of love

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