Does Tanning Give You Smooth Skin?
It’s summer which means that we all want to get out in the sun and enjoy that extra vitamin d! While it feels amazing to be warm and feel that sun on your skin can it affect how smooth your skin can be? We want you to be informed and to protect the amazing skin you have!

First always know that you should always wear sunscreen when out in the sun, UV rays can cause damage to your skin and cause wrinkles to form early on your skin! So to prevent those make sure to always apply sunscreen in order to protect your skin.

A healthy tan is always attractive just being safe when it comes to tanning is key! Tanning does give your skin a glow and smooths your skin, it also helps battle skin blemishes. Tanning does give the skin the appearance of smooth skin so if your goal is to have the smoothest skin and to minimize blemishes then tanning can be a great option. Just be safe and healthy when tanning, always wear sunscreen and follow the guidelines of tanning. Keep your skin healthy and young looking for as long as you can!

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