Environmentally Friendly Skin Care

Happy Spring everyone! April celebrations for international earth month are now over and it's time to see what new habits we will actually implement into daily life to better our planet. Over recent years, people are becoming more conscious of the world around us and how we effect our environment. We are also becoming increasingly more aware of the need to care for ourselves in a responsible way. What we eat, drink, breath, and surround ourselves with is critical to our overall well-being and physical health.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body and takes in 60% of everything it comes in contact with. It is critical you treat your skin with the best care possible by using natural products that promote healthy skin. If you think about it, people are neurotic about scratching their cars, but are perfectly willing to rip off the top layer of their skin every time they

wax! We have met so many women with waxing horror stories…we’re talking second and third degree burns from home waxing disasters! Millions of us are also just fine putting chemical crud all over our skin that is going to be taken into the body and left as toxic junk. Sugar Me Smooth is committed to all natural products that remove unwanted hair, nourish the skin, and promote a healthy lifestyle. All of our products are made in the USA. We not only believe in natural products, but we also believe in creating jobs in our local community.

We have been so blessed to work with local manufacturers in FDA approved facilities. We are creating commerce right here and minimizing our carbon footprint. It’s just been an overall win! If you are tired of damaging your skin with chemical based creams and wax, Sugar Me Smooth is for you! Our sugar is water soluble, does not require heat, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth for weeks. Unlike wax and harsh chemical based creams, it is actually good for your skin.  You are exfoliating and nourishing your skin while removing unwanted hair.  Honestly, it’s like getting rid of your hair for 6-8 weeks is an added bonus feature! Our sugar only sticks to your dead skin cells so it doesn’t remove the top layer of skin like wax and chemical creams. There’s a reason it’s called Sugar Me Smooth:) Once you try Sugar Me Smooth, you’ll never use anything else again!