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Fall In Love With Your Skin - 6 Colder Weather Skin Care Tips!

The leaves probably aren’t the only thing changing in your life these days. Dry skin seems to have blown in with this fall weather, and your skin is probably taking the hardest hit. The glow of your sun-kissed skin might be starting to slip away and dry, flaky skin is taking its place. But there are several simple things you can do to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Here are six simple tips to try this fall:

  1. Hydration is Key – As the weather gets colder, our drinks usually get warmer. However, it is so important that we are continually drinking water. According to, the average woman needs to intake 11.5 cups of fluids everyday. This can come from both beverages and food. Many fruits and veggies that are high in water content are also ripest in the fall. Some of these include cranberries, cucumbers, and of course adding a little lemon to your water is always a great idea!
  2. Moisturize Prioritize – It is so important to stay on top of moisturizing, especially as winter approaches. It is much easier to maintain smooth skin in the dead of winter, rather than heal cracked and dry skin. Sugar Me Smooth Body Scrubs and Hydrating Oils are a once a day solution to dry skin. They are never diluted and only the highest quality of oils are used to provide your skin with nutrients and hydration.
  3. Moisturize Overnight – For those areas that are prone to dry skin – feet, hands, elbows, etc. – it’s a good idea to moisturize over night. A nutrient rich cream or body butter can heal irritated skin within a few days or even hours. Sugar Me Smooth Body Butters are uniquely created with lactic acid to increase skin cell turnover and restore your healthy skin glow.
  4. Exfoliate Not Remove – Your skin is already sensitive with the colder weather and changing of the seasons, so there is no need to abrasive exfoliation. Most people are aware that exfoliation occurs when using scrubs, stones or chemicals, but what if we told you that it could also occur when doing routine hair removal? Unlike waxing, sugaring only exfoliates, it does not remove the top layer of skin. A sugar scrub can be used in between sugaring sessions to exfoliate the skin and also restore needed hydration.
  5. Avoid Horrifying Toxins & Allergens – As Halloween gets closer, ghosts and monsters are not the only things we should be afraid of. Skin care products that include toxins and allergens actually further agitate already irritated skin. All natural, simple products are best for restoring nutrients to the skin. That is one of the main reasons Sugar Me Smooth keeps the ingredient lists short and simple. We take pride in the fact that our customers are aware and unafraid of what they are using on their skin.
  6. Use a Humidifier – The colder air that is moving in has far less moisture than the warm summer weather our skin is used to. It can be very useful to use a humidifier in your room when sleeping to moisten the air around you. This allows water to naturally hydrate your skin, even for just a few hours.

As winter is getting closer it is so important to begin prepping your skin now. These six simple steps will help restore your natural, beautiful glow that can be hidden under dry and flaky skin. Fall in love with your skin this season!

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