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Fall Skin Care Tips

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Fall Skin Care Tips

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing, sweaters are coming out of storage and smooth skin is going to be harder to keep! But don't worry with proper care of your skin you can keep your skin smooth and silky all the way through the cold season!

Here are the tips you need to know when it comes to making a new fall skin care routine to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

#1 Exfoliate Your Skin But Be Gentle

Summer was a time to enjoy outside but if you weren't perfect at protecting your skin, sunspots can be on your skin and be noticeable once it is fall time. When you exfoliate your skin it helps to reduce the appearance of sunspots.  

In the summer you can exfoliate 3-4 times a week and your skin will be just fine but remember with fall there isn't a lot of moisture in the air so your skin can be more sensitive to exfoliating. So use an all natural exfoliator like Sugar Me Smooth, so that your skin can be happy. Be gentle and give your skin a clean to create smooth, healthy skin.

#2 Drink all the Water

It can be hard when it gets cooler to remember to pack around a water bottle but trust us that it will be worth it for your skin if you stay hydrated. The lack of moisture in the air needs to be made up for somehow if you want your skin to be consistent through the fall! So grab your water bottle and get a healthy amount of H2O in your body this fall! Your skin will be thanking you!

Fall is all about enjoying the changing of the season and keeping your skin hydrated. Follow these tips and you will have smooth skin for months to come!

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