Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be used for Brazilian Hair Removal?

Yes, Sugar Me Smooth Sugar works very well for Bikini and Brazilian Sugaring. We recommend using our Face Sugar as it has licorice root added to our already unique recipe. This addition limits sting and irritation in sensitive areas. Sugaring can be less painful in these areas than waxing and cause less ingrown hairs.

What is in the Sugar?

Sugar, Lemons and Water. That’s it. At Sugar Me Smooth we only use the highest quality, all natural ingredients. Nothing is ever synthetic or diluted. All of our products are organic and vegan friendly.

What about my hair type?

Our Sugar works great on all different hair types, coarse to fine. We do recommend waiting 3-5 days’ post shaving/waxing/sugaring length for optimal hair removal. Also with Sugaring, it removes only the hair and the follicle, not the top layer of skin. Because of this you can Sugar in the same spot repeatedly until all of the hair is removed, and the skin remains undamaged.

What is the difference between Face and Body Sugar Jars?

There are two differences between our Body Sugar and Face Sugar. The first being size of the jar and the second being the addition of licorice root to our Face Sugar. This licorice root helps with sting and irritation when Sugaring sensitive areas.

How many Sugaring sessions can I get out of a jar?

Our Best Selling Body jar will provide you with at least one full body Sugaring session. Our Full Body Jar provides twice as much Sugar, for less than twice the price. This Jar will provide you enough Sugar to do multiple full body Sugaring Sessions.

How hard is this to use?

Sugaring can be difficult for first time users and it will take 2-3 sugaring sessions to get the hang of the technique. Our “Flicking” technique and Flicker Cards are unique to Sugar Me Smooth and our instructional video at provides specific instructions on how this can be achieved.

How much time does it take to Sugar?

Be patient and really take the time to learn and master the flicking technique. Sugaring, like waxing, can sometimes be a little time consuming to really do a good job. However, the time is quickly made up when you Sugar only once every 3 weeks, instead of shaving every 3 days. Just like with anything, practice improves performance and speed. So be patient as the first few attempts may take some extra time!

Why are strips not used for this technique?

When strips are removed from the hair removal process, you save time, money and resources. Our Sugar can be used over and over again, whereas each strip of wax can be used only once, and can be very difficult to apply and remove on your own. Sugaring can be done in the comfort of your own home and with the flicker cards you will be able to remove hair in places that strips just can’t!

What is the return policy?

Our Full Return Policy can be found at

What age is appropriate for Sugaring?

We recommend an individual try Sugaring when they are a little older and can understand the process and technique required. Our Sugar is safe to be used on children and is much softer on the skin than wax. Elderly individuals with more fragile skin should use caution when Sugaring and start with a small area for testing and practice.

Does Sugaring hurt?

Our Sugar is much less painful than waxing. That being said, each person’s pain tolerance is unique to that individual. We have had numerous customers tell us that they find our Sugar to be much less painful than waxing, and doesn’t leave razor burn or cuts like shaving.

Is the Sugar Reusable?

Each piece of Sugar can be used over and over again until it no longer removes hair. Once the Sugar is no longer sticky enough to remove hair, simply rub the Sugar under warm water and it will melt away. All of our Sugars are water soluble for easy cleanup

What if my Sugar is too Hard?

If your Sugar is too hard and difficult to distribute, try letting the ball of Sugar sit on your skin for a few extra seconds before spreading. Sugar Me Smooth Sugar naturally heats with the temperature of the skin and the longer it interacts with the skin, the warmer it will be. If you still feel that the Sugar is too hard, try warming the jar in the microwave for no more than 10 seconds.

What if my Sugar is too soft? How do I know if the Sugar is too soft?

It is more likely that the Sugar will be too soft than too hard. The Sugar is too warm when it has thinned to a point where it spreads far too easily and is especially sticky. If the Sugar becomes too sticky immediately wash it off and begin again with a new, firmer piece of Sugar. This softness can be caused by the humidity level or temperature of the room. Make sure that you store your Sugar in a cooler place where it will not get too warm. If your body temperature is too warm when Sugaring, this can also cause complications, as the Sugar naturally heats with the temperature of the skin. Never Sugar when you are sweating as this can cause irritation of the skin. You can also try to Sugar in front of a fan. This will help to keep you and the Sugar cool. Our Prepping Powder can also help to thicken the Sugar and bring it to a harder state, perfect for hair removal.

How do I clean up the Sugar?

Our Sugar is water soluble for easy cleanup. Simply rub the sugar under warm water and the sugar will dissolve. It is completely safe to be washed down the drain.

Is Sugar Me Smooth Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free?

Sugar Me Smooth believes in using only All Natural, high-quality ingredients. All products are completely vegan and Cruelty Free.

I’ve never seen this technique, why is it different from waxing?

Sugaring and waxing have many differences, with one of the most significant being the technique. The Sugaring method is actually opposite of waxing with the Sugar being applied against the hair growth and flicked off with. This insures that the hair follicle is completely removed, but leaves the skin fully intact and undamaged. This technique is found to be much more effective and causes less ingrown hairs.

Can Sugaring prevent Strawberry Legs?

Yes, our Sugar is much softer on the skin than waxing and even shaving. Sugaring removes only the hair follicle, leaving the skin intact. Find more information on preventing and curing Strawberry Legs at

Who uses Sugar Me Smooth?

At Sugar Me Smooth we provide hair removal for every occasion, male and female of all ages. Our Sugars are used by athletes such as bikers, swimmers weightlifters, gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders and many others. Also by those just looking to show a little skin! Use Sugar Me Smooth for the big event or for everyday smooth skin and long lasting hair removal. s

Do men use Sugar Me Smooth?

Yes! Sugar Me Smooth is perfect for removing coarse thick hair that most men have on their backs, legs, arms, chest, etc. We do recommend that you trim the hair before Sugaring, but most men find our Sugar to be much less painful than waxing!

Is this safe to use while I am pregnant?

Sugar Me Smooth products are made with high quality, 100% all natural ingredients that nourish the skin. All of our products are safe to use while pregnant or nursing. We recommend the use of our Face Sugar if you plan to do pre-birth Sugaring in sensitive areas. The addition of licorice root to this Sugar, helps with sting and irritation.

Is Sugaring an effective hair removal technique for women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)?

Absolutely! Sugar Me Smooth is an effective and simple way to remove unwanted facial hair. PCOS may cause unwanted coarse body and facial hair that can be removed easily with our Sugar and leave you hair free for up to three weeks.