Tutorial: Helpful Advice for Beginners

Posted by Ashton Crump on

New to Sugaring?

Watch this video to start on the right track 

The steps below are the same as the video to reiterate what it instructs. After you take these steps, you can find full tutorials on sugaring specific areas of the body on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, @sugarmesmooth. 
1) Let your Sugar sit for a few hours at 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit to allow it to settle. 
2) Make sure your skin is free of oil, sunscreen, lotion, etc. Our Prepping Powder will help dry the skin as well.
3) Trim your hair if needed. It should only be 1/4- 1/2 inch long (3-5 days of post-shaving growth) to eliminate the tugging feeling.
4) You're ready to start! Watch the video for details on how to properly hold the flicker (applicator). 
5) Leave the Sugar on the skin for 10-15 seconds to naturally heat-up. You only need to do this with a new piece of Sugar.