How to Keep the Eyebrow Game Strong!

 Eyebrows are some of the most talked about features on peoples faces! Recent trends are to have bold, dark eyebrows! And nothing is really off the table when it comes to what you can do with your eyebrows! There are trends that get them tattooed on, dye them a dark color, or add accessories to make them extra bold! Whatever your style of the eyebrow is there is one thing everyone has in common when it comes to eyebrows. UNWANTED HAIR! 

We want dark eyebrows that are bold and help structure the face but everyone deals with eyebrow hair that grows a little high or low for the base eyebrow structure! This can throw off someones entire eyebrow and that isn't right! So how do you keep unwanted hair back while letting the eyebrow hair you do want to grow not be at risk of an accidental tweeze? Here are a couple of quick tips for keeping your eyebrow game strong!

#1 Use Vitamin E Oil

If you want to help your eyebrow hair grow then every night take 5 minutes to massage the area you want the hair to grow with Vitamin E oil. If you want your eyebrows to keep a dark hue then leave the oil overnight and rinse it out in the morning. This promotes hair growth and keeps your eyebrows looking dark and beautiful!

#2 Remove the Unwanted Hair with Sugaring

 Unwanted hair around the eyebrows is inevitable but there is a simple solution for that! Instead of going after those unwanted hairs with tweezers that can cause ingrown hairs and be extra painful try using Sugar Me Smooth in order to keep those unwanted hairs away for 6-8 weeks!! We have a face sugaring scrub that is perfect for unwanted hairs all over the face including eyebrows! Grab some today and try it out! Your eyebrows will thank you for it! And you can continue to kill the eyebrow game!


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