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Introducing our NEW Bikini Bundle!

Two of the most FAQs we receive through emails and social media are, “Is the Sugar safe for bikini and Brazilian Sugaring?” and “Which Sugar would you recommend using for bikini and Brazilian Sugaring?” Well you asked for it, and we delivered! Sugar Me Smooth is excited to introduce the Bikini Hair Removal System ! This bundle includes three incredible products that will provide bikini and Brazilian hair removal experiences like nothing before!

This bundle includes our All Natural, Talc free Prepping Powder made of Soft Bentonite Clay. This product removes excess oils and moisture in those dark and often sweaty, private areas. Our Bikini Sugar is the newest addition to our line of Sugars and is created from our unique recipe, with the addition of licorice root, to reduce sting. Along with our other Sugars, it does not need to be heated and no strips are necessary! This allows you to apply and remove hair in often tough to get places. It is also water soluble for easy cleanup. Unlike shaving, Sugaring does not leave you itching for days with regrowth and can leave you hair free for up to 3 weeks. Say good bye to shaving every other day, and hello to freedom!

This bundle also includes our new Soothing Mist that provides you with instant relief after Sugaring. This Mist can also be used on Sunburns and rashes to soothe and heal the irritated skin. Our Soothing Mist provides a multidimensional nourishing process including Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and Lavender Essential Oil for healing irritated skin. It also helps to close pores and return the skin to its natural, healthy pH levels. The aroma of Lavender and the calming mist will bring you instant peace after removing hair from these areas!

This product is revolutionary for this type of hair removal, but we recognize that this can be an intimidating task. Many people chose to have bikini and Brazilian hair removal done in a salon, by a professional to avoid the mess and problems that can occur. However, we believe that with the right amount of practice and patience, you CAN do this at home. We recommend that you first practice Sugaring on your arm or leg. Really take the time to master the flicking technique, before moving on to more sensitive areas. The Sugar is also great for hair removal in the armpit, and we suggest you try this area next. Each piece of Sugar is reusable until it no longer removes hair, which is another benefit over waxing. Most people tend to use more Sugar their first time purchasing. After the technique is mastered, far less Sugar is usually needed for each area. For more tips and tricks and our instructional video, visit our  How To page.

The whole experience of salon Brazilian and bikini hair removal, keeps many women away. Sugar Me Smooth provides the perfect solution! The Bikini Hair Removal System allows you to remove hair in these personal, and often painful areas in the privacy of your own home. Say goodbye to daily shaving! Say goodbye to itching regrowth! Say goodbye to ingrown hairs caused by waxing!

Sugar Me Smooth Bikini Hair Removal System - Naturally Smooth, Naturally Free! 

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