Is Your Sugar Too Sticky?

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

We get this question most often during the hot summer months, but it can be applicable all year long.
Here are our top tips to keeping your Sugar cool ❄️.⠀
1. Make sure and store your Sugar at, or below room temperature. You do not want to start with warm Sugar, because it only softens as you go. Some customers have found success storing their Sugar in the fridge!⠀
2. Your Sugar warms with the temperature of your skin so make sure your body isn't too hot before beginning. Sugar in front of a fan and/or make sure that the air conditioning is on.⠀
3.If you are in a warmer climate or your body naturally runs hot, make sure to always use Sugar Me Smooth Prepping Powder. This powder helps remove excess oil and moisture on the skin, but also helps to thicken the Sugar so it hold its form longer.⠀