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It’s GIVEAWAY time!

Aug 24, 2016
It’s GIVEAWAY time!

We know people everywhere have mixed feelings about going back to school. Some have been anxious all summer just waiting to go back while other’s would rather have all their teeth pulled out then step foot back in that classroom. One thing we know for sure is that going back to school is STRESSFUL! Packing, moving, unpacking, new roommates, friends, classes, dating, and textbooks are just the start. I could make a list as long as this whole page, but I think you get the idea. The point is, why be stressed about one more thing…hair removal? Here at Sugar Me Smooth we can’t carry your books for you or help you talk to that cute guy or girl in your math class, but we can help you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. Starting Thursday, August 24, 2016 we will be doing three huge giveaways! You can receive our Complete Hair Removal System completely FREE by following our giveaway guidelines on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There is no limit, so enter all three and tag a million friends! Our Complete Body Hair Removal System provides every component that you need for full body smooth skin. Our Body Jar, Face, Prepping Powder and Soothing Solution make up the perfect kit for pre, during and post Sugaring. The Prepping Powder is perfect for removing excess oils from the skin for optimal Sugaring. Our Body Jar provides all around hair removal, while our Face Sugar is perfect for hair removal in those sensitive areas…yes we are talking bikini and Brazilian! Our Face Sugar has licorice root added to our already unique Sugar recipe to reduce sting and irritation. Rehydrate your skin after  Sugaring with our Soothing Solution packed full of  Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. This system is perfect for  the new-bee or the old pro! Watch Sugar Me  Smooth on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter  Thursday, August 24, 2016 for details on our  incredible giveaway! Also make sure and check out  our Back to School Sale going on right now at Up to 25% OFF all  bundles and scrubs are 55% OFF with any  purchase! We can’t wait for you to see the enhancement Sugar Me Smooth can bring to your skin this school year!

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