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Lemon Tell You about Sugar Scrubs

Posted by Ashton Crump on

Sugar Me Smooth Sugar Scrub
     Showers usually last 5-15 minutes, but did you know that within that time you could be transported to a spa? Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve the actors from Back to the Future- Amazon has posters if you want it to. It does, however, involve Sugar Me Smooth’s Sugar Scrub. We have seven scents of deliciously scented, all-natural ingredients, so lets lavender up and talk about this spa experience.
     Our Sugars come in a sizeable 8.9-ounce jar that is filled to the brim with sugar, oils, and essential oils. Lemon tell you about some of the benefits. Within our sugar scrubs, grapeseed oil and olive oil rest and wait to coat your skin with Vitamin E, A, D, and K*. Both oils have antibacterial properties and Vitamin E which has been shown to help skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis*.

     No fillers or water is ever peppermint-ed (good right?) into our sugar scrubs. It’s all-natural, always, all the time! Our scrubs are also packed with essential oils making your steamy shower- I mean spa- smell so delicious!

     Of course, when you shop with Sugar Me Smooth, you are buying American made products. The sugar scrubs are actually made by hand! Yes, we have a kitchen here at our office that we make all of our sugar scrubs, soothing solution, prepping powder, and hydrating body oils in. We mango to make a lot here in our office.

     Currently, we have just seven scents but there will be more to come! Soon, we will have a scrub club which is a monthly subscription that sends you a new scent every month. #ScrubClub members will get first access to these scents because we vanilla you (sorry that was bad).

     Thank you for visiting our blog and pomegranate back next week to hear more about Carson’s Cause. We are just that sweet!

*The information above is sited from Medical News Today March 18, 2018, and