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Licorice Root: How Can Your Skin Benefit From it?

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Licorice Root: How Can Your Skin Benefit From it?

We all want to take the very best care of our skin. We want to look younger for longer but also not have to use harsh chemicals! Especially for those of us that have extremes sensitive skin that reacts to any kind of chemicals or fillers. That is why we turn to natural remedies to help our skin heal and to have it look exactly how we want it to! That is when we turn to licorice root to help tighten and brighten skin naturally!

What is so Special about Licorice Root?

Licorice root comes from a legume and the extract you get from it has a great reputation when it comes to dealing with sensitive skin! Some of the best benefits include diminishing the appearance of dark under-eye circles and lessen the appearance of age spots all over.

Licorice root has powerful oil that can help soothe and hydrate skin. Which is why Sugar Me Smooth uses licorice root in our face hair removal products in order to help soothe the sensitive skin on your face. The licorice root will help your skin so much better than using harsh waxes that have chemicals in it. 

If you struggle with using different products that only cause your sensitive skin to react then you should give Sugar Me Smooth a try and see the amazing results when you use natural ingredients!