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Life Is Better When You Find The Right Sugar.

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Life Is Better When You Find The Right Sugar.

Did you know that Sugar Me Smooth has two different types of Sugar?

It's important that you select the right Sugar for the area you need it most when starting with Sugar Me Smooth. Here is a quick breakdown on our 2 different Sugar formulas:
Our Classic Sugar is for hair removal on arms, legs, back, chest and other less sensitive areas. Our Classic Sugar recipe is what makes up our Body Hair Removal Sugar as well as our Men's Body Sugar.
Sugar Me Smooth Delicate Sugar is formulated for hair removal in more delicate and sensitive areas like bikini line, full Brazilian, face, armpits, etc. The addition of licorice root, reduces sting and irritation in these sensitive ares. Our Delicate Sugar recipe can be found in our Face Hair Removal and Bikini hair Removal Sugars.
Our Delicate Sugar can also be really good for people with sensitive skin, because it it is so gentle on the skin. It can also pick up finer and shorter hair than wax can, making it much more effective.
If you have questions about which Sugar is right for your type of skin, or which area of the skin to use each Sugar send us an email at or chat with our Facebook Messenger bot!