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No Shave November- Doesn't Mean you can't Sugar!

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

No Shave November- Doesn't Mean you can't Sugar!

With November here it is time for the yearly tradition of no shave November. Men and women alike celebrate this month with no shaving, whether it is their face or leg hair or just any unwanted hair it isn't touched in November. But here at Sugar Me Smooth, we have a little bit of a different perspective on it.

We see it as more of a challenge. So instead of just not shaving our legs, we throw out the razor and use sugar to help remove hair and keep it away all month long. We start off the month with sugaring all the unwanted hair off, then see how long we can go untilΒ we have to Sugar next. (Hint: think Christmas time! Booya!) With Sugar Me Smooth we see No Shave November as something that should be celebrated all year round with simply getting rid of the unwanted hair for up to 6 weeks.

So why not try our challenge of no shave November? Sugar today and see how you will never go back to just using a regular razor!Β