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Not Another Gimmick...

Apr 27, 2016
Not Another Gimmick...

Prepping Powder

So what’s the point behind Prepping Powder? I am sure many people think that something like this is just around to snatch a couple extra bucks from you before checkout. Well here’s a little twist…Prepping Powder is actually VERY beneficial. Sugar Me Smooth Prepping Powder consists 100% of soft Bentonite Clay. This clay is formed from volcanic ash and is often referred to as a healing clay. It gets this nickname from its ability to draw toxins from the skin. We encounter numerous toxins everyday, and most of us have no idea. There are toxins in the air, in the food we eat and often in the beauty products we use. Bentonite Clay helps to extract these toxins from the body, while providing minerals that too often our skin is deprived of. This clay is jam packed with many minerals, some of the most beneficial being calcium, magnesium and potassium. There are many uses for it including the powder form or clay as mud masks, and even in the bath.

With hair removal we have found that the most beneficial use for bentonite clay is in the powder form, as a pre-sugaring powder. When applied to the skin, the clay powder absorbs the oils and toxins resting on the surface and in the first layers of skin. When the Sugar is applied it spreads more easily and adheres to just the hair. When the Sugar adheres to only the hair it fully removes it from the root and leaves the skin undamaged. Another benefit of this fine powder is that it has little to no effect on the Sugar, so the same piece of Sugar can be used repeatedly. Sugar Me Smooth is ecstatic to have added this “Healing Clay” to our product line and share its little known health enhancements with the world!

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