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Now That's True Love ❤️

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Now That's True Love ❤️

Now that's true love. ❤️ 

But luckily, Sugar Me Smooth hair removal + bath and body products keep your skin smooth for so long, that you only have to worry about Sugaring again every 6-8 weeks.
After your first few Sugaring sessions you should expect 2-3 weeks of smooth skin. Then expect to have extended smooth skin with each session! Most customers get up to 6-8 weeks of smooth skin after only a handful of consistent Sugaring sessions. When you consistently remove hair over a series of weeks, you are able to fully remove every hair in the hair cycle. 
Additionally, there are so many other benefits of using Sugar Me Smooth that it's really not a sacrifice to use it. With no mess, less pain and longer lasting results, you're the winner when you use Sugar Me Smooth.
Another concern that people often have, is that the hair will grow back thicker and darker. But that is not the case with Sugaring! Sugaring fully removes the entire hair, and in return thinner, finer hair grows back.
Plus when you follow up your Sugar Me Smooth hair removal session with Sugar Me Smooth bath & body products, it is definitely like treating your self to a spa treatment.