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Picture Perfect Skin Starts With Product

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Picture Perfect Skin Starts With Product


As you probably already know, exfoliating in the shower can take extreme skill and acrobat like agility in order to avoid a complete flop – literally. The most significant part of the process is finding a product that works for you and your skin.

When it comes to exfoliating, the magic trick is to combine the right ratio of skin sloughing properties, to moisturizing elements. Some exfoliates can be so rough on the skin that they do more damage than good. However, you do want something strong enough to remove those old, dead skin cells. Then make sure there is a strong moisturizing element that comes to the rescue of your new exposed skin. It is important for your scrub or other for of exfoliation to provide hydration and nutrients back to the skin.

Another important element to pay attention to is the ingredient list. Simple is usually better – as long as simple is concentrated, high quality products. Don't sell your self short with mineral oil enriched or watered down products. Your skin is beautiful and unique to you, so treat it that way! What you put on the on the surface of your skin, should receive the same concern as what you are taking into your body. Exfoliation, healing and nourishment of your skin starts with the ingredients so try giving them a closer look before you make your next skin care purchase. If you find yourself Googling every ingredient, maybe you should keep looking…

 Glowing, vibrant skin starts with the product that works for you and your skin. So take the time to find what your unique skin needs to be picture perfect everyday!



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