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The Steps of Sugaring- A Picture Story

Posted by Ashton Crump on

The Steps of Sugaring


Once your much awaited Sugar Me Smooth package comes in the mail. What do you do next? Well, we're glad you asked! Please enjoy this step-by-step picture story to find the answer to your question. Feel free to email, or message us on our social media, if you have any other questions. Enjoy! 


Step 1: Scoop


Scooping Sugar from Sugar Me Smooth on Vimeo.

Step 2: Naturally Heated

 Applying Sugar

Step 3: Applying


Sugaring Applying

Step 4: Direction


Sugaring Flicking

Step 5: Reuse

 Reuse Sugar

Step 6: Wash

When you need another piece. Wash the card under warm water and scoop another piece to start again. 

Sugaring Water Soluble Demo from Sugar Me Smooth on Vimeo.


Step 7: Finished!

 Finished Sugaring

Tricks for Sugaring Your Underarm

Sugaring Underarm



 Sugaring Underarm

Tricks for Bikini Line and Brazilian Area

We have a few recommendations, but we do not have many photos of sugaring this area since we are trying to keep this PG. Please visualize our recommendations to the best of your ability. Challenge accepted? Alright, here we go!

Short Hair Sugar

Warming Sugar


Recommendation #3: For Stubborn Hairs try The Wrap Around Method

Wrap Around Method from Sugar Me Smooth on Vimeo.

Brazilian Sugaring


That's all our recommendations for now! But if you have ideas of what you would like to see in our next blog, feel free to message or email us! Till next time! 💚