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How To Sugar Wax: Tips and Tricks

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

How To Sugar Wax: Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Sugaring can often be tricky for first time users, so we thought that a list of Tips and Tricks might come in handy for anyone looking for a little extra help!

-Keep the room cool during application of Sugar Wax or apply in front of a fan. Our Sugar Wax is designed to naturally heat with body temperature. This being said anywhere that is too warm, or humid will leave you with a sticky mess! If the Sugar Wax does become too sticky or messy, it is water-soluble so a little warm water will melt the Sugar away.

-We recommend 3-5 days post shaving hair length (this may very). If you’re like me, and you hate any sort of hair on your legs, waiting can be torturous. But believe me, it is definitely worth it! Sugaring will leave you hair free for at least 3 weeks! Say goodbye to those tedious daily shaves!

-Sugar Me Smooth Sugar Wax naturally heats to your body temperature. However, if Sugar Wax seems to hard you can heat it in the microwave a recommended 10 seconds (this may vary). Be very careful to not over heat the Sugar Wax as it will then be too sticky to use. Without heating, it often takes up to 3 applications for the Sugar Wax to warm to the desired consistency. Also make sure not to store Sugar Wax somewhere it can get too warm.

-Avoid Sugaring when you are sweating; this can cause extreme irritation. Similar effects occur when trying to Sugar Wax directly after a shower. Our Prepping Powder can be very beneficial for individuals who have naturally oily skin!

-If you are prone to swelling or bruising, use caution and avoid lifting or patting motions when Sugaring. Also, remember to hold skin taut and FLICK FAST! Sugaring is much less painful than waxing when done correctly. Make sure you have mastered the technique before moving on to bigger areas.

-Avoid sun exposure 24-hours to and after Sugaring. This can help avoid irritating or damaging already sensitive skin!

Remember to be patient when learning to Sugar. For a full tutorial check out the instructional video at! Sugaring is so worth it when done correctly and Sugar Me Smooth makes it easy to become a pro in no time! Happy Sugaring!