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Sunburns ๐Ÿ˜– Can They Affect Your Smooth Skin??

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Sunburns ๐Ÿ˜– Can They Affect Your Smooth Skin??

Summer is in full swing this July and it is hot! So the perfect place to relax is at the beach or by a pool! While these are the best places to be in the summer to keep cool and enjoy the sun it can lead to some serious sun exposure! And letโ€™s be real sunscreen isnโ€™t always the number 1 thought when at the beach (even thought it should be). But that much sun exposure can lead to sun burns and if you are constantly getting burned over the summer it can have a big impact on how smooth your skin can be! But how exactly does it affect your skin? Here is 1 way sunburns can affect your skin!


It has happened to all of us! Too much sun exposure and your red sunburned skin peels leaving fresh new layer of skin. Peeling is one of the consequences of getting a sunburn! This is because your skin is trying to prevent further damage, it is getting rid of the sun damaged skin. This can lead to uneven layers of skin which means you donโ€™t have a flawless smooth skin look! The solution is to prevent that sun damage from happening by using sunscreen! That way your skin can be smooth, hair free, and looking good at pool!ย 

So next time before you go to the beach remove that hair on your legs with Sugar Me Smooth and lather up with sunscreen to protect that skin!ย 

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