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The Benefits of Lavender! An Introduction to the powerful flower

Posted by Ashton Crump on

The Benefits of Lavender! An Introduction to the powerful flower

We love to talk about how natural our products are! And one of our personal favorite to use is lavender! Do you know all of the different benefits that lavender can provide? It is incredible how powerful this flower is and all of the major benefits it can have on your skin! Right here is where we will tell you all of the amazing things that you didn't know about lavender!

#1 Lavender restores skin complexion and reduces acne

Everyone has to deal with acne, whether you had it as a teenager, an adult, or both you need to know the power that lavender oil can have. The lavender sugar scrub we offer can help you smooth out the skin on your legs and arms if you battle acne on your body as well! 

#2 Lavender can help reduce wrinkles

The sad truth is at some point in our lives we all get wrinkles. How well that you take care of your skin will determine how bad those wrinkles will be. Take care of your skin early with the help of lavender. It helps to rejuvenate the skin which will tighten it and make the skin wrinkle-free.

#3 Lavender will Soften and Moisturize

Lavender has this incredible ability to moisturize your skin! And because it is straight from mother nature you know it is good for you body! The power of lavender will help your body restore the moisture it needs while also softening the skin! When you combine the power of sugar you have an unstoppable team that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth without any harsh fake chemicals! 

Get the power of lavender working for you and let us know how you have used the amazing flower to your skin's advantage! 

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