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The Hairy Cost of Hair Removal - SOLVED by Sugar Me Smooth

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The Hairy Cost of Hair Removal - SOLVED by Sugar Me Smooth


Studies indicate that more than 99% of American women deliberately remove body hair, and more than 85% do so regularly. Did you know that the average woman will spend 8 weeks of her life shaving? That adds up to roughly 1,728 hours or 72 days spent with a razor! What’s worse is that shaving has been ranked the most hated beauty ritual by women and men alike! That’s a lot of time being devoted to something nobody particularly enjoys, and let’s not even get started on the costs involved…no actually, LET’S!

The average woman who has committed to shaving as a means of regular hair removal will spend more than $10,000 during the duration of her lifetime. The woman who waxes once or twice a month will spend more than $23,000.  It’s pretty crazy when you stop and think about it right?

35% of people prefer DIY methods of hair removal, while roughly 31% prefer a visit to a salon or a professional. With professional waxing, prices can vary greatly depending on what you are having done, where you live and the type of salon you have the services completed in. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $100 or more for a salon waxing service. And just to be safe, multiply that by 2 times per month to make sure you are completely hair free.

Removing hair at home requires very little expense in comparison to salon services. There are both waxing and sugaring systems that can be purchased for at home use. DIY recipes for homemade sugars are also very popular right now and cost virtually nothing, but they can be hard to get just right. If not done properly, homemade sugars can actually be quite dangerous.

At home waxing kits require strips, warmers, and wax – once you have all of these things I’m not sure if you are actually saving any money! With that being said, once you have the needed materials and mastered the technique, at home hair removal systems are much less expensive and much more time efficient than salon services.

Hair removal will have a cost regardless of which technique you prefer. So, it is important to find what works best for you and your beautifully unique skin. When you find something that really works and is cost effective – you’ve hit the jackpot!