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Top Destinations for Spring Break (and why Sugar Me Smooth should come too!)

Posted by Ashton Crump on

Top Destinations for Spring Break (and why Sugar Me Smooth should come too!)

It is March, which means Spring Break is here! While we know you can't wait to get on a vacation and get away from the cold, we have some suggestions on where you should go on your adventure (and what you should pack)! Now here are the top 5 places you should visit for your own spring break!

#1 Cancun 

This may be the best Spring Break destination a girl can choose! With an endless selection of beaches and crystal clear water, it is the perfect place to spend your spring break

#2 Bahamas

If you want a bit of fun in the Caribbean, then the Bahamas is perfect for you and your friends. You can do different activities like scuba diving excursions, fishing, and with Atlantis is nestled on the coast it is perfect for families and college students alike!

#3 Jamaica

Jamaica beachside

If you want a relaxing, enjoyable vacation, Jamaica is going to be your JAM! The birthplace of reggae music will have you enjoying your Spring Break like nobody else! Go see the foamy waterfalls and rugged blue mountains Jamaica for yourself this Spring Break.

#4 Moab, Utah

Want the most beautiful hikes in the world for spring break? Then Moab is the place to go for your spring break. With 2 national parks and different recreation areas, there is something for everyone. From biking, hiking, and recreational vehicles tracks. Grab your hiking shoes and go explore the beautiful world of nature.

#5 Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World Resort Entrance

If you want a full-blown spring break head to Orlando, Florida! From the amazing family friendly parks and close to the ocean this is the perfect destination for everyone in the family. Go explore this beautiful city and all it has to offer this Spring Break.

Pack your bags for this epic spring break. No matter where you choose to go smooth skin is a key to having a successful vacation! Which is why you should pack Sugar Me Smooth for your packing this year. With smooth skin, you can rule this Spring Break!


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