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Waxing Horror Stories Revealed

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Waxing Horror Stories Revealed

Thank you so much to all those who entered our Waxing Horror Story Giveaway. We have put together a list of the most horrifying to share with you!


"I once went to get my eyebrows waxed, just a touch up. Left with half a right eyebrow!"          - Anna


"I went into a salon to get my under arms waxed. They were trying out a new wax and it got stuck. It took 2 girls about an hour to get it off. They ended tearing my skin. I was crying by the time I left and couldn't do anything for days because the pain was so bad! It took me years before I felt comfortable getting waxed again!"


 "I had got an at home wax kit for my first time. I bought it to do my arm pits. I had my sister helping me rip the strips off. When she ripped off the first one it didn't rip out any of the hair and hardly any wax. 😬  We decided to try the second armpit and it ripped out pretty much every hair and the first few layers of skin! It was bleeding all over! So I had an armpit full of waxie long hair and one that was a giant scab! My arms had to stay up for a few days. 😂😭"


"Recalling this waxing fiasco, I remember having the feeling of relief that it was only my eyebrows that I had had waxed and not my arm pits or legs or my bikini area!  I had been a regular waxing recipient at my hair dressers then after she moved out of state started the regular and tedious task of plucking.  That was when I began having acrylic nails put on my nails. After a few visits I realized the nail salon also did waxing & to my relief I had my brows done for the first time in a very long time.  It went without a hitch, other than it stung a bit more than when my hair dresser had regularly took care of my bushy brows.  The last time I had my brows done at the nail salon, it had stung more than normal, but when looking at the results without my glasses I was primarily checking out the shape. I paid for my services & left the building, upon closer examination in the sunlight in my car I found the area that had been waxed under my brows & above the lids to be bright pink and when touched stung slightly.  To my horror the next day I had actual scabs to the area that had been waxed."

WINNER - Tracy S.


"I had never waxed in my life and I decided to try it myself for the first time at home. I didn't know you're supposed to pull back your skin, ESPECIALLY in the sensitive areas, and I applied wax to several parts of my body. When I pulled the first strip, there was still several hairs and I was bleeding. After that, I've never used any other wax besides Sugar Me Smooth, because besides the fact that it's less painful, it smells really good lol!"


"When I was 13 I heard that you could make your own sugar wax. I gathered all my ingredients and got to cooking. I let the wax cool down and everything. I poured it into a jar and applied it just like the video said. I yanked it off and not only did half of it pull off my skin and I was now dripping blood but the other half was stuck to my leg and apparently burned me underneath and It wouldn’t wash off with cold water. I ended up yanking it off and bleeding even more, by this time there is a decent sized puddle of blood in the middle of the kitchen floor. My leg hair still hasn’t grown back all the way and the jar holding the remainder of the sugar wax haunts me every time I down the stairs since it’s hidden on a top shelf so my mom won’t yell at me for wasting ingredients."



"I went to a waxing place and the lady was supposed to do a bikini wax. She literally did everything down there.  It hurt so bad!  She wasn't supposed to do that.  I was walking weird for three days!  Terrible. All my friends was laughing and they always bring it up and always remind me because they went with me and I screamed like I was dying. But there was barley any hair down there. She said it was a lot. It was growing back from shaving and I can tell you I didn't have hair their for 6 months she ripped it all out.  But that's my horror story!" 

-Katie Peroni