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Waxing Horror Stories: Tell Us Yours!!!

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Waxing Horror Stories: Tell Us Yours!!!

It is a spooky time of the year! Ghost are everywhere, and everyone brings out everything that is scary! But do you know what is really scary? Not having smooth skin! That is what waxing can do, it can turn your skin rough and dry.

Waxing, as we know, not only pulls out hair but it also pulls off the top layer of skin! OUCH! That leaves your skin exposed to bacteria and different infections, that can lead to ingrown hairs, strawberry legs, and other skin conditions that nobody wants. Plus waxing only leaves you without hair for about a month before it grows back.

Might we suggest using sugaring that is far less painful and will keep hair away for up to 8 weeks! Waxing only hurts the legs while sugaring exfoliated and uses natural ingredients to get ONLY THE HAIR, and not the skin! Protect your smooth legs by doing sugaring!

People feel like telling scary stories this time of year and we want to hear yours.  We all have had those terrible waxing experiences, and we want to share yours. Message us, leave a comment, or shoot us an email of your worst waxing story and we might share yours on the blog next week!

Get into the Halloween spirit by telling your scary waxing story!