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Waxing Horror Stories— Your Submissions!

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Waxing Horror Stories— Your Submissions!

We asked and you all have delivered on the worst waxing horror stories you all have experienced! From no eyebrows left to waxing being stuck on to the skin, it was not good! 


We have picked a few of our favorites to feature to give you a real fright this Halloween! 🎃


“My upper lip was burned a few days before my engagement photo. Thank goodness for make-up! You could still see a bit of redness though” - Nelly


“So I was using those wax strips that you warm up by rubbing it in your hands. I only used them once before and I decided to wax my armpit. Being around 16 I had no idea what I was doing and just slapped it on and then pulled! It took very little hair but a whole lot of skin!” -Amber


“I was about 17 when I decided to let my mom wax my armpits for a pageant I was going to be in and she put the wax down and ripped the strip off and nothing came up. I then had to lay there for an hour in tears while she pulled the wax off little by little. Talk about irritated bloody skin 🤦🏼‍♀️” -Chelehawkes


😂 this literally happened last night! I was waxing my legs in the bathroom and was sitting on the seat next to the sink. Ripped off a strip at full force and whaaabamm! Smashed my elbow into the corner of the sink. 😂 my elbow now has a giant bruise and is so swollen I have been icing all day and btw I am a licensed medical Aesthetician and have been waxing for years”


Make sure to avoid waxing and remove unwanted hair with sugaring from Sugar Me Smooth. Sugar won’t stick to your skin and comes off with warm water. It is also all natural so it is way better for your skin. 


Thank you for everyone that entered our giveaway and submitted the stories of your waxing experience!