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2019 Waxing Horror Story

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

2019 Waxing Horror Story

Thank you to all those that participated!

And the winner is...


Some other horrifying entries:

"My waxing horror story was from college. My roommate and I bought an at-home wax kit to remove hair. I put the wax on my upper lip and when I tried to pull it off, the wax wouldn’t come off! I couldn’t leave my dorm room because I had a wax-covered lip! It took us hours to get the wax off and my lip was RAW by the time I got it off. It was awful!"

- Erica M. 
"Ok so this is my waxing horror story; I had never gotten my eyebrows waxed before and it was freshman year of high school the day before picture day and I went to some fancy salon with my mom and the women didn’t ask me any questions about being previous waxed. She didn’t prep my skin and just slapped the wax on and ripped it off  My eyebrows were pencil thin and I broke out into a rash so bad from the waxed she used and I didn’t know you weren’t suppose to touch your eyebrows and I got wicked acne all around them so let’s just say my freshman photos needed to be retaken."
- Jordan
"So for my 21st birthday I wanted to get my under arms and bikini area done. My birthday is in the summer so a group of friends and I were going to the river. I was getting my nails done and decided spur of the moment to try and get waxed the same day. So the first mistake was getting a regular strip wax at a nail salon. So I go in and the lady was incredibly rude, I warned her it was my first time and she disregarded the information. Instead of trimming the hair in both areas she left it and went ahead and started. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and that day I felt pain I’ve never felt before. The only thing getting me through it was my friend who was holding my hand and her comment about how one day if I can get through this then my future child birth should be a breeze. I went through pain just to have a bunch of ingrown hairs 3 weeks later. I then said never again at a nail salon and never again regular waxing. "
- Justine O. 


"I was trying to wax my husband...horror story right there...the hard wax was so rough on his skin it left strawberry marks all over and only pulled out 75% of the hair. Poor guy was whining like a baby cause it hurt so bad. Just bought Sugar Me Smooth about a month ago, it doesn't hurt anything like hard wax and picks up almost all the hairs, even the little tiny ones! Super impressed!"

- Kylee G.


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