What is PCOS and What it has to do with Sugaring?

Have you ever heard the abbreviation PCOS? It stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and it means there is a hormonal disorder that affects a lot of women. PCOS is when your hormones are not regularly causing periods or causes very heavy periods. This also causes an abnormal amount of the hormone called androgens which is typically considered a "male" hormone.

This hormone can have a bad side effect for women. Because it is a male hormone it makes hair grow in places that women do not want hair, including your face, arms, and underarms. Along with the emotional struggle this condition can bring as it can affect women's ability to get pregnant the last thing you will want to worry about if you have PCOS is that unwanted hair on your face. This is why Sugar Me Smooth can be a must-have product for those who have PCOS. Sugar Me Smooth has the facial hair removal that makes taking the unwanted hair off of your face less painful and stays away for longer.

PCOS has a lot of side effects that can be emotional for women to have to go through, but with Sugar Me Smooth we can help ease that by getting rid of the unwanted hair, so you can feel your best self to tackle daily life!

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