Where is the best place to practice sugaring? (AKA Practice Patch)

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

The best place to learn to use Sugar Me Smooth are on the inside of your forearm or your shin!

These two places are the easiest to reach and the skin is typically the most taut.

Remember that practice makes perfect! Practicing a few times on your inner arm or on your shin is a great way to get down the flicking technique before sugaring in a more sensitive place like bikini, face, or underarm.

Our sugar is designed to last multiple sugaring sessions, so your jar of sugar should not run out mid-session just because you did a practice patch. 

Be sure to give yourself 2-3 sugaring sessions to really get the flicking method down- once you  have it down you'll NEVER go back!


Check the video below to see how it's done!