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Why are Waxing Strips so Bad for Your Skin- & How Sugar Me Smooth is Different

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Why are Waxing Strips so Bad for Your Skin- & How Sugar Me Smooth is Different

At Sugar Me Smooth we talk a lot about how we don't use any strips for waxing, but is there a harm to using waxing strips? There are a lot of side effects to using waxing strips and we are going to go over just a few!

#1 Pain

Now, whenever you remove hair there is going to be some pain as it pulls on the skin while pulling out the hair, but when using waxing strips you are basically sealing the wax to your skin and that pull off the first layer of skin. This will cause some serious pain when removing the waxing strips.

#2 Infection

Waxing strips have been known to take off several layers of skin, that is why it can get rid of the tan your skin might have. It also makes your skin more susceptible to germs which can turn into an infection! Which is a risk that is a high price for hair removal!

#3 Scarring

The removal of the layers of skin can have a possible risk of scarring. Especially in the summertime when you could get sunburned after using waxing strips. Prevent scarring by just leaving waxing and wax strips behind.

Sugar Me Smooth makes sure that combine with our prepping powder you will have less pain when removing hair! And that alone is a good reason to drop those waxing strips and pick up Sugar Me Smooth!