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Body Sugar Scrubs: What You Need to Know!

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Body Sugar Scrubs: What You Need to Know!

Sugar Me Smooth Body Sugar Scrubs:


Sugar, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Almond Oil, Essential and Natural Oil are the only ingredients in the Body Sugar Scrub from Sugar Me Smooth. 100% all natural is the only way to go with your skin, sensitive or not! At Sugar Me Smooth, we believe all skin should be treated like sensitive skin!


The Body Sugar Scrub should be used as part of your smooth skin regimen, not as just something to 'treat yourself' to. We suggest using on the desired area 2-3 times per week in the shower. This helps your skin stay exfoliated, moisturized, and smooth between sugaring sessions!

Some Killer Reviews:

"I will never go back to Walmart brand sugar scrub! This product is amazing and leaves my legs so smooth and moisturizing!"

"Scrub is amazing it smells good and leaves your skin feeling so soft."


"The scrubs are amazing. My favorite is the peppermint because it leaves your skin a little bit tingly after you use it. Lots of times exfoliating scrubs dry out my skin, especially on my face, but these leave my skin feeling clear and like I just put lotion on!"

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