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Is Sugar Me Smooth Really Less Painful Than Waxing?

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Is Sugar Me Smooth Really Less Painful Than Waxing?

Yes, yes it really is less painful than so many other hair removal options.

Here are 5 reasons it's one of the least painful forms of hair removal: 
#1 The Sugar Me Smooth application and technique is applied against the hair growth and removed with. This allows the hair to be fully removed, without pulling the skin or breaking the hair off.
#2 There is no heating involved with Sugar Me Smooth, so there is no chance for painful burns. Just scoop the Sugar from the jar and apply directly to the skin.
#3 No junk, synthetic ingredients are used in any of our products. With only all natural ingredients, there is no risk of chemical irritations or rashes that can be painful and long lasting.
#4 Sugar Me Smooth is quick and simple to learn. So, if there is pain when removing the hair, it is over in a matter of seconds. And the skin doesn’t stay irritated for hours like it does with waxing.
#5 Sugar Me Smooth is gentle on the skin, so it does not remove the top layer of skin like with waxing. One of the main reasons waxing is so uncomfortable is because, not only are you removing the hair, you are also removing the top layer of skin
Check out our product reviews and Instagram profile @sugarmesmooth for additional info on how Sugar Me Smooth really is one of the least painful forms of hair removal.
Any discomfort is TOTALLY worth the smooth skin results!