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Strawberry Legs

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Strawberry Legs

In America, hair removal is a basic necessity of personal hygiene.

Sadly, smooth legs aren’t as easy to come across as society portrays. Shaving leaves legs covered in razor burn, ingrown hairs, and clogged pores. A quick chill bringing on goosebumps pops little prickles out all down your legs again moments after you shave! 

A major problem with shaving is known as “Strawberry Legs”. Strawberry legs is a condition when little black dots (dark spots) show up all over your skin after removing hair. They are especially noticeable on tanned skin. These black dots are really grime caught in your pores. In short, it’s black heads escaped from your face to the entire rest of your body! Gross!

Thankfully, there are great resources to get rid of these spots and keep your bikini body fresh for the beachy season around the corner!

1-Because the dark spots are simply imprisoned grime, start by soaking your legs in warm water. The heat expands and opens cells allowing opening the door for escape.

2- Exfoliate skin. Sugar scrubs are a great exfoliating resource. Check out our variety of sugar scrubs that are loaded with essential oils designed to simultaneously moisturize and exfoliate.

3- Apply a toner or soothing solution. Toners are designed to restore the natural pH to your skin. This means that after opening the cells and getting all the junk out, a toner can counter any remaining irritation and seal up your freshly cleaned pores.

This routine is a great start to clear skin, but for a continual crystal picture, follow up with a sugaring routine.

1- Prepare yourself with a dry area, sugar jar, and set of flickers.

2- Puff some prepping powder over the area you are wanting to remove hair from. The powder includes a special kind of clay that is designed to soak up any oils on your skin. By absorbing these oils before we open up pores will prevent grime from ever getting in! Also, this acts as a protective coating to your outermost layer of skin so you don't rip off any skin as you pull out the hairs. This prevents irritation and minimizes pain.


3- Scoop a dollop of sugar out of the jar with your flicker and smooth it over your skin-against the hair growth three times. The natural warmth of your body with soften the sugar to mold to your skin. Way to go! The most painful part is over! Better yet, you didn't have to get out a heating device or strips!

4- Hold the skin taught and flick the sugar off your leg. Try not to pull out/away from your skin or you will bruise yourself!

5- Repeat the smoothing and flicking process wherever you want to remove hair. Sugar is reusable! Keep using the same sugar scoop until it no longer removes hair. You should be able to get quite a bit done with a singe dollop.

6-run warm water over the area you just sugared. Sugar is water soluble so warm water will completely dissolve any mess or residue.

7- spread a toner/soothing solution over sugared area to make sure pores are closed and legs are moisturized.

Sugaring works best on dry legs so do NOT attempt sugaring right after your exfoliating routine. Both routines are made to compliment each other, not be simultaneous. Sugaring lasts for a minimum of three weeks, so use exfoliating with sugar scrubs in between sugaring sessions to keep your skin clean, clear, and silky while waiting for the need to remove hair again. (never thought that would be something you were waiting on!) Be patient, sugaring can take 2-3 tries to really get the hang of, but don't worry, it really is almost painless and very easy to clean up.