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Sugaring the Bikini

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

Sugaring the Bikini

Tips & Tricks for BIKINI sugaring:

1.  Spread each new piece of sugar on the inside of the wrist to ensure it's not too cold to spread on the bikini area.

2.  Use the small flicker (as shown in the video) for best results.

3.  Use the Prepping Powder to ensure there is no excess sweat or moisture in the area! Continue to apply the Prepping Powder throughout the sugaring session to absorb excess sweat!

4.  Hold the skin taut with one hand and apply and remove the sugar with the other. Start with small areas!

5.  Rinse off any excess sugar with warm water once you're finished sugaring the area. Finish off with the Soothing Mist to calm the skin and return nutrients to the skin and reduce redness and potential inflammation.

6.  Continue to sugar upon regrowth. The more you sugar, the longer it lasts!