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6 Reasons Why You Should Say Goodbye to Shaving FOREVER!

Posted by Sugar Me Smooth on

6 Reasons Why You Should Say Goodbye to Shaving FOREVER!

Why switch to Sugaring?

1. Razor burn is the worst! Razors need to be replaced after so many shaves, the blade can't be left down in the water or it will get rusty, and sensitive skin often as negative reactions to shaving!

2. Shaving lasts only a few days at most, but often skin is only smooth for a few hours before hair begins to grow back!

3. Ingrown hairs and strawberry legs are far more common with shaving; and other skin conditions can be worsened by the use of a razor (Eczema, allergic reactions, acne, etc.).

4.  Shaving doesn't exfoliate the skin, it simply cuts the hair off where the razor meets the skin.

5.  Shaving cuts the hair off bluntly, and doesn't stop the hair from growing in the future. Shaving encourages the hair to keep growing and grow in stronger and thicker.

6.  Sugaring pulls the hair out from the root and minimizes breakage by pulling the hair out WITH the direction of hair growth. This stops the growing cycle and the hair grows back THINNER and FINER than before!

We promise your skin will thank you for switching to Sugar Me Smooth all natural hair removal!

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