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Face Hair Removal System

$35.00 $31.99

Face Hair Removal System

$35.00 $31.99


Smooth Skin, Finer Regrowth, and No Stubble!

Face Hair Removal System

Get rid of unibrows, mustaches, and everything in between! Sugar Me Smooth All Natural Face Hair Removal Sugar is specially formulated for hair removal in sensitive skin areas including upper lip, eyebrows, cheek, neck, and nose. Licorice Root is added to our already unique formula, reducing redness and skin irritation after sugaring. Small flickers are also included to reach those tough hair removal spots. Why spend time waxing stubborn hair with strong chemicals, when you could easily remove it using our simple ingredient yet specially designed Face Sugar Formula!

Waxing and other methods to remove facial hair can be short term and painful. Sometimes you may see hair growth come back within days! Why not give Face Sugaring a try with Sugar Me Smooth's All Natural Face Hair Removal Sugar? When the sugar paste is applied correctly, you can not only eliminate hair immediately, but you can also reduce frequency and thickness of future hair growth! With waxing and shaving, hair will grow back sometimes thicker and darker than before. That is not the case with sugaring.

Another under the radar reason to go with sugaring for facial hair removal as opposed to waxing is the simple prep and clean up required. Waxing requires heating up a chemical mixture, applying it to your face and then ripping it off - sounds fun huh. Our all natural  face sugaring paste is used at room temperature and easily applied to the skin. Since you remove the paste in the same direction the hair grows, you won't feel the ripping and pulling sensation that goes along with waxing. That means you also won't have the redness and irritation that come with waxing as well. Seems like a win-win to us!

Clean up after a hair removal treatment is also made simple with sugaring. The ingredients are 100% all natural and water soluble which makes for easy removal from any surface with a little warm water. Whether the sugar gets on clothes, carpet, or counter top, there is no need to worry about what it drips on or cleaning it before it cools as you would with waxing.

When it comes to men's facial hair, Sugar me Smooth is not recommended for coarse, thick beards! However, men with finer, thinner beards have used Sugar with success for hair removal. To be safe, testing a small patch on the side burn area is recommended if attempting beard hair removal. 



The fancy word for sugar. Sucrose is one of the main ingredients in our products and is where the phrase sugaring came from. This natural ingredient helps form the adhesive bond to the dead skin cells and body hair for effective hair removal.


Another type of sugar that comes from fruits. Fructose is the other key ingredient to form the adhesive bond.


No explanation needed here! Water is the basis for all of our mixtures which is safe on the skin and, as expected, easily washed away. It is the most pure and all natural ingredient and represents the basis for our mission at Sugar Me Smooth to help you feel natural, free, and beautiful.

Lemon Juice

The natural exfoliant! In addition to exfoliating skin, lemon juice has many other beneficial uses as well. Not only does it act as a natural cleanser fighting bacteria that can irritate skin, it also is high in vitamin C. This results in clear skin that has the added benefit of some nourishing vitamin C.

Licorice Root

This ingredient is critical to aid in the reduction of irritation and redness of the skin. When it comes to facial hair removal, no one wants to look blotchy and have obvious redness on their face - this isn't waxing after all! Licorice root helps to further tame the skin after hair removal to give a fresh and clear look.


  • Face 3.1 wt oz &
  • Reusable Large Applicators (1)
  • Reusable Small Applicators (1)
  • Reusable Spot Applicator (1)
  • Soothing Mist (1)

    Made in the USA Made in the USA. Sugar Me Smooth proudly makes all products here in the USA, as well as only uses American produced ingredients and components. 

    Why Buy From Us?Carson's Cause is Sugar Me Smooth's community initiative. A portion of all sales are donated to organizations that support those with intellectual disabilities.

    HandMade- Why buy from us?All of our hair removal & skincare products are all natural & carefully hand-crafted. All of our products are Environmentally Friendly & Cruelty Free.

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    Money Back GuaranteeWe've got your back! Our sugar paste will get the back hair, but if you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, all gently used products are eligible for a full refund.

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