Our Best Seller, Sugar Me Smooth Body contains 6.1 wt oz of our unique sugar paste. Now you can enjoy the luxurious benefits of salon sugaring at home! Sugar Me Smooth All Natural Hair Removal only adheres to your dead skin cells, so it does not remove the top layer of skin like waxing. Hair is gently removed by the root as the sugar exfoliates skin, and conditions follicles. Our Sugaring system is more effective than waxing as sugar removes hair with the direction of the growth using our unique flicking technique, eliminating strips. Our Sugaring formula allows for the sugar to be flicked over and over again through the sugaring session. The Sugar quickly and naturally heats with the temperature of the skin, so there is no need for heating. It is also water soluble for easy cleanup. Sugar Me Smooth can take you from shaving every three days to sugaring every three weeks or even longer, and will leave your skin healthy, smooth and refreshed.



  • Body 6.15 wt oz
  • Reusable Full Body applicators (2)