Body Hair Removal Kit
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Body Hair Removal Kit

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Our Go To Bundle For Body Hair Removal! 

Remove hair from legs & arms in just three steps and enjoy better results, softer skin, and slower, finer regrowth! Unlock freedom from hair with this simple, easy to use system.


Smoother skin that lasts longer, guaranteed! 

The Body Hair Removal System includes everything you need to get started & get rid of hair you're sick of shaving!


What To Expect: 

  • Thinner, Finer Regrowth!
  • Hair free results can last over a month.
  • Less pain & irritation than waxing. 
  • No heat, no strips & no mess.
  • No more itchy regrowth & reduces risk of ingrown hairs. 

Whats included


What's Included: 

  • 2.4 wt oz Prepping Powder
  • 6.15 Body Hair Removal Sugar (Intended for arms, legs, back & chest)
  • 2 fl oz Soothing Solution
  • Reusable Angle-Grip Flicker Applicators (2 large)
  • Sample Cleansing Wipe (3)


Unlike a one time visit to the salon, Sugar Me Smooth provides enough product for multiple Sugaring sessions.

Staying Smooth Has Never Been Simpler Or Less Painful.

Everything you need for total body hair removal, delivered right to your door. 

Learn to flick, sugar with ease, and remain hair-free with an easy maintenance routine. Most Sugar Me Smooth community members have their Sugar Delivered every 60 days, but we offer a 90 day option as well.

If you want to receive your Kit less frequently, you can always update the delivery frequency in your easy to use subscription customer portal.

All natural makes all the difference!

Our Sugar recipe uses all natural, clean and safe ingredients that actually work. We never use anything synthetic or gross. 

whats inside



    • Body Sugar: Sucrose, Fructose, Water, Lemon Juice 
    • Prepping Powder: Bentonite Clay
    • Soothing Solution: Aloe Vera (Glycine Soja Oil and Aloe Powder), Vitamin E, and Orange essential oil


Mastering the "Flick" with our unique Sugar Me Smooth Flicker is our secret to long-lasting smooth skin.


meet the flicker





For Optimal Results: 

  • Prepping Powder is a MUST and should be applied before and sugaring to absorb excess oil on the skin. Prepping Powder can be applied throughout the sugaring session if the area starts getting oily or sweaty.
  • Soothing Solution soothes and re-hydrates the skin after sugaring. You can be hair-free, all over your body, for up to 8 weeks! Get better results, softer skin, and slower regrowth!
  • Practice makes perfect! We are all about transparency, so it's important to recognize that there is a learning curve with Sugaring, but the long lasting, smooth skin is so worth the time it takes to master the Sugar Me Smooth technique!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is Sugar Wax different from Hard Wax?

    Sugaring doesn't require heat like hard wax, making it safer for the skin. Plus, it adheres only to the hair, not the skin, resulting in less painful hair removal.

    Is this product cost-effective compared to salon waxing?

    Yes, our product offers multiple usages, saving you a significant amount compared to regular salon visits.

    How easy is it to use for beginners?

    There's a slight learning curve, but with our detailed instructions and the flicker applicator, you'll become a pro in no time!

    Does Sugar Waxing hurt?

    7 out of 10 Sugar Me Smooth users say that sugar waxing hurts far less than other forms of waxing! Sugar is applied against the hair growth and removed with the hair growth (opposite to waxing). This leads to less tugging on the hair when removing. And unlike hot waxes, sugar sticks to the hair and NOT the skin! Remember, we're still talking about removing hair directly from the hair follicle- some discomfort can be expected. But as you consistently sugar, your hair grows back thinner and softer and the pain decreases with each sugaring session!

    Is your product natural and skin-friendly?

    Absolutely! Our focus is on providing an all-natural solution that's as kind to the skin as it is effective in removing hair.

    Does the Sugar need to be heated?

    Nope! Our Sugar naturally warms with the temperature of the skin and does not need to be heated before use.

    What's the difference between Body & Bikini & Face Sugars?

    ALL sugar will work on ALL areas. However, the Bikini and Face sugars are infused with Licorice Root to help reduce sting and redness in sensitive areas, so we suggest that if you are wanting to sugar a sensitive area (bikini, face, underarm) that these sugars be used. However, if you purchased the Body jar, it will still work on the sensitive ares!

    How do I get long lasting smooth skin?

    Achieving long lasting results is dependent on your skin care & hair removal routine. When you first begin, you may have to Sugar as frequently as every 2-3 weeks. It's important to also exfoliate regularly (2-3X's a week) & keep the skin hydrated. We have a wide variety of Scrubs, oils, soakers & lotion sticks to help with this. With consistency, hair free & smooth skin can last as long as 6-8 weeks!

    30 day satisfaction guarantee badge30 Day Guarantee: We got your back.  Money that is.  Our sugar wax will get back hair or other awkward spots.  If you are not 100% satisified with your product we will arrange for an easy return.  All gently used products are eligible for a refund within 30 days.  Pretty much unheard of in the beauty industry. 
    Fast Shipping BadgeFast Shipping:  Waiting too long for product can get prickly.  Can't wait any longer to get that hair outta there?  We get it... Hair Free = Care Free!   So most orders processed by 4 pm EST. are shipped same day so you can get your product fast because smooth skin shouldn't wait.  Make sure and get your right address when you order.

    Easy returns badgeSugaring not for you?  Simply email within 30 days of getting your product & let us know.  Within one business day we will provide our Utah address.  Just pay Return Shipping and we will process your refund once we receive your return.  (Can take 7-10 days to process and funds crediting back.)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 519 reviews
    Caitlyn B.

    I’m a noob who never heard of sugaring until recently via IG ads. I watched videos, bought the kit, let the kit sit around for a while because I was afraid of the process, but I tried it recently and was so happy with the results. I went through a lot of sugar pieces in my first session and felt like it was so time consuming, but that’s because I was learning an entire new skill. When I started on my other leg it was going so quickly and I was able to do it using half the amount of sugar I did on my first attempt. I waited about 20-30 minutes to apply the soothing oil because I noticed some mild discomfort/irritation from the sugaring process (I have sensitive skin so I expected it), and the fragrance is pleasant and my skin responded well to the soothing oil. I love the results, and I’m excited to get better at this and go back over some spots I missed.

    Alia B.

    So easy to use, and I stay hairless for a month! Best product I ever bought.

    Great product, easy to use, need more sugar

    I loved everything about this product except for the amount of sugar that comes with it. I would like a bigger container, because I used about 2/3 of one container just doing my legs. I expect I’ll get better and more efficient with time, but the container still seems on the small side and definitely won’t last as long as I hoped. My legs were very smooth for about one week, but I have stubble growing in already. Hope it lasts longer next time.

    Jacqueline P.R.

    Body Hair Removal Kit

    Absolutely love this stuff

    I have coarse, dark leg hair and have always struggled with it. I used to get horrible razor burn. I tried epilating and that was so painful and led to tons of ingrown hairs. I tried the Bleame exfoliator thingy, and that took forever and was a ton of work and worked only marginally well. I went back to shaving with a fancy single blade razor. I would be smooth for maybe a few hours and in a couple days when the hair really started coming in again, my legs would itch horribly. I figured Sugar Me Smooth would go the same way as the rest of my efforts but finally decided to try. I, and everyone in my family, have been amazed lol. My daughter no longer tells me my legs are “scratchy.” My husband is constantly going “woooooow!” And I am so pleased with the experience. The learning curve wasn’t all that steep, and this is the smoothest my legs have ever been. And they STAYED smooth for a week+. I didn’t realize how much this was affecting my confidence, how much I was planning when I could wear shorts/skirts/dresses around when I would shave my legs. Now I don’t think about it at all. My first time sugaring, it took a solid two weeks for my legs to have the same growth they used to get ONE DAY after shaving. I’m working on mastering the technique for underarms, and hope to completely throw my razor away soon.