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A Sweeter Way to Hair Removal!

In 2008 after discovering a superior way to remove hair, Sugar Me Smooth's Flicker was invented to bring this once salon-exclusive sugaring service home in an easy, applicator based system.

Since the Egyptians, sugaring had used sticks, strips, fingers and more to rip out hair - just like toxic wax.  Not only are strip methods messy and inefficient, but they are abrasive on skin by removing against the hair growth causing breakage and more pain.  

The Flicker allows for removing the hair with the direction of hair growth, resulting in less skin damage and less pain compared to strips.

The Flicker is an everlasting hair stopper for a faster and more effective hair removal session that not only removes hair, but simultaneously exfoliates and conditions for glowing beautiful skin.

As a family owned & made in USA business our goal is to give you more, just like our Flicker does.  

From our team at Sugar Me Smooth, we want to say a heartfelt "thank you" for your support.

Our Products

At Sugar Me Smooth, we value the importance of developing our products so that your skin is never compromised.  That is why our hair removal products are better than any at-home waxing kit or even salon wax. Our Sugar is water soluble for easy cleanup, and no heating or strips are required.  Our hair removal Sugar is a paste that is softer than wax and with our unique technique, is less painful as well. It truly is the ideal hair remover.  

Sugar Me Smooth Scrubs and Oils are all natural and formulated to provide smooth, hydrated skin.  No fillers or synthetics are used and nothing is ever watered down. Only the finest oils are used to enhance the feel and appearance of the skin. 

We are very excited to continue introducing other incredible products to our already unique, all natural skin care and hair removal lines.  

Sugar Me Smooth can be found here on our website or at these retailers.

Carson's Cause

Carson's Cause is Sugar Me Smooth's community initiative to give back to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  A portion of our sales will be donated semi-annually to organizations that support those with intellectual disabilities. 

Carson is the son of our founders, BJ and Emily Smith. Carson was born with significant delays and has challenges with self-help skills, motor skills, and is completely non-verbal.  He also struggles with receptive language, or in other words, understanding what words are and mean. To learn more, please visit our blog post about Carson's Cause.

Our Mission Statement 

Our Mission is to be the world’s premier distributor of all natural hair removal and skin care products. We will exceed our customers' expectations by providing them with real results and real value. People will love our products and trust our company. After using Sugar Me Smooth our clients should feel natural, free, and beautiful. 

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