‎Sugar Wax Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving, only to have the hair grow back in a few short days? On the other hand, you aren't quite sure about taking the dive into a complete wax treatment at a salon? That's where Sugar me Smooth's Sugar Wax Hair Removal kit comes to the rescue! Sugar Me Smooth has developed the ultimate hair removal treatment utilizing a complex mixture of all natural ingredients that make a soft-on-skin sugaring wax (or paste). Our sugaring wax is the best way to remove unwanted hair and help prevent new hair growth in the process, all from the comfort of your own home!

No need to worry about making a last minute wax appointment with an esthetician at a salon, our at home sugar wax hair removal kit will get the job done without all the extra chemicals and pain that comes with a traditional wax treatment. What more can we say - it's easy, all natural, and effective at unwanted hair removal!

You may have heard the term sugaring used before and you very likely have heard the term waxing. So which is it? Well, we are here to tell you its both! Although sugar wax is different from traditional wax, it still works in a very similar way, only less painful and more effective. Sugaring or sugar waxing, is using a safe and all natural mixture of ingredients to make a wax or paste that can then be applied to the skin. The removal process is another spot that it differs. Rather than ripping the wax away against the hair, sugar wax is removed in the same direction that the hair grows. This not only eliminates the pain that comes with removal, but it also helps keep hair away longer!

The other main difference from traditional waxing is that sugaring wax adheres only to the hair itself and leaves the skin safely unharmed. The mixture of chemicals in a traditional wax not only sticks to hair but also your skin which leads to painful pulling when the wax is removed. Even after the initial removal, traditional waxing can leave your skin red and blotchy for hours following your appointment.

So it's quick to apply, painless to use, and easy to clean up - sounds pretty good huh? What if we told you it also lasts up to 6-8 weeks without seeing returning hair growth! Sugaring doesn't painfully rip the hair out at the surface like you would have with typical waxing or shaving. Since you remove the sugar wax in the same direction as the hair, you remove the hair follicle as well. This not only leaves your skin extra smooth and healthy, but also keeps that unwanted hair away even longer!

That's the thing with using our Sugar Wax Hair Removal product, clean up is simple. Since the ingredients are all natural, you can easily wash your skin with warm water along with anything else the wax may have gotten on for clean up. With application and cleanup this easy, you’ll never go back to traditional waxing!

We know the feeling, no one wants to deal with the burden of unwanted hair. Before we began in 2008, hair removal at home mainly consisted of outdated machines and wax-based strip systems. We found that in our research, sugaring had been limited and was only available at the salon with a professional esthetician. When we found out about this superior method of hair removal that left skin hair free, super smooth plus it also helped remove dead skin cells, we made it our goal to share it with the rest of the world. We are a family-owned and operated business, that started producing body sugaring paste as well as other products from our home in Nibley, Utah. Even though we are located in Nibley, we ship our Sugar Wax Hair Removal and other products all over the world and are growing every day. We passionately believe that everyone should experience the confidence that smooth, hair free skin can bring. That's why we have taken this previously salon exclusive sugaring wax method and created our in-home all natural system that is easy, cost-effective, and provides smooth hair-free skin…guaranteed!

Carson's Cause is Sugar Me Smooth's community initiative to give back to individuals with intellectual disabilities. A portion of our sugar wax hair removal sales will be donated semi-annually to organizations that support those with intellectual disabilities. The son of our founders, BJ and Emily Smith, Carson was born with significant delays and has challenges with self-help skills, motor skills, and is completely non-verbal. He also struggles with receptive language, or in other words, understanding what words are and mean. You are welcome to learn more about Carson's Cause here.