Soothing Solution
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Soothing Solution

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Soothing & Nutrient Rich Aftercare For The Skin

Sugar Me Smooth's 100% all-natural Soothing Solution hydrates and returns nutrients back to the skin after Sugaring. 

Our skin care products are never diluted for finest and most effective care of the skin.

What To Expect:

  • All-natural makes all the difference! Only the highest quality ingredients are used in our products.
  • Our products are never diluted. We NEVER add water to any of our skincare products.
  • Works on all skin types.
  • Infused with essential and all-natural oils creating a beautiful aroma & healing the skin.
  • Hydrating Oil protects & conditions to keep your skin looking ageless!
  • Protects, conditions & hydrates skin. 

Apply to skin after your Sugaring hair removal session to calm the skin and restore nutrients & hydration.



      Ingredients: Aloe Vera (Glycine Soja Oil & Aloe Powder), Vitamin E, Orange Essential Oil

      30 day satisfaction guarantee badge30 Day Guarantee: We got your back.  Money that is.  Our sugar wax will get back hair or other awkward spots.  If you are not 100% satisified with your product we will arrange for an easy return.  All gently used products are eligible for a refund within 30 days.  Pretty much unheard of in the beauty industry. 
      Fast Shipping BadgeFast Shipping:  Waiting too long for product can get prickly.  Can't wait any longer to get that hair outta there?  We get it... Hair Free = Care Free!   So most orders processed by 4 pm EST. are shipped same day so you can get your product fast because smooth skin shouldn't wait.  Make sure and get your right address when you order.

      Easy returns badgeSugaring not for you?  Simply email within 30 days of getting your product & let us know.  Within one business day we will provide our Utah address.  Just pay Return Shipping and we will process your refund once we receive your return.  (Can take 7-10 days to process and funds crediting back.)

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Worth its Weight in Gold

      I purchased a sugaring kit a while back that was a complete disaster, and I absolutely hated it and will never buy it again, but THIS was the diamond in the box. I have severely sensitive skin and have struggled with razor burn all of my life - this is the only thing I’ve ever found that soothes it! I’ll never buy another container of sugar wax, but I will absolutely come back to keep buying this again and again! It’s SO soothing, and it smells WONDERFUL! It does leave your skin rather oily, but the sensation doesn’t last too long, and the soothing effect it so worth it. 12/10, would recommend to anyone!

      Jess M.

      Soothes skin

      You need this! Love it!

      I absolutely loved my results with sugaring! There is a bug learning curve with it, I feel like. I watched tons of tutorials before I started and it still took me an entire leg to get the hang of it. It’s been 8 days since I sugared for the first time and my legs are still super smooth! Blows my mind! I usually have to shave every other day, so this is definitely a game changer! I will be ordering again, for sure!

      Dylan C.
      Mind blown!

      It’s been 2.5 weeks since my first sugaring and I still barely have stubble!
      It was a little tricky to get the hang of but by the end I felt more comfy and know I’ll really nail it this next time! So happy to branched out and try


      It felt really nice to use afterwards. Helped calm the skin