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Sugar Wax Hair Removal

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  • Honestly Obsessed

    "My skin is super smooth and it isn’t too painful! The hair also takes way longer to grow back so I am absolutely loving it!" -Danielle N.

  • So Easy!

    "Super easy to get them hang of using. Great to save money and love that it is all natural." -Kathy P.

  • Don't Wait!

    "I wish I would have started YEARS ago!!! The exfoliation cannot compare to waxing or shaving. I am in awe." -Esther S.

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Easier, Less Painful & Good for Skin!

Natural waxing that's good for all skin types and gives long lasting results can now be yours.

No-Strip, No-Heat simple system that's a solution for toxic waxing or rashy razors AND is less painful.

Meet Your New BFF: The Flicker

Sugaring yourself is quicker, easier, and less painful with our patent-pending Flicker!

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It's Easy To Sugar Yourself Smooth

Using our Flicker is as easy as:


Step 1: SCOOP

Scoop a generous amount of sugar from your jar


Step 2: APPLY

Pull skin tight and spread into skin 3x against hair growth


Step 3: REMOVE

Flick fast, parallel to skin, in the same direction as hair growth


A Sugar Wax Kit For Every Body Area

Choose from 3 unique sugar wax formulas for optimal results for every body area

  • Use on: Arms, Chest, Back, Legs & Feet

    Body Sugar Recipe:
    Sugar + Lemons + Water

  • Use on: Bikini, Brazilian & Underarms

    Bikini Sugar Recipe:
    Sugar + Lemons + Water
    + Licorice Root to ease sting

  • Use on: Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Peach Fuzz & Chin

    Face Sugar Recipe:
    Sugar + Lemons + Water + Licorice Root + Witch Hazel to ease redness

Before and after using sugar me smooth

Join Thousands of Happy Sugarers!

"My legs are so smooth, and I finally don’t have red spots or ingrown hair anymore!!! Best decision I ever made. Also super easy to learn how."
- Martha E. (verified customer)