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How To


Sugaring Technique

- Before use, let sugar sit upright at room temperature (72F/22C) for 8-12 hours.

- Watch "How To " video found below.

- In humid/hot climates apply sugar in front of a fan or with air conditioning on. 

    Be patient, it usually takes 2-3 sugaring sessions to master the Sugar Me Smooth technique. Once mastered, you will be on your way to always feeling natural, free, and beautiful. Everybody loves sugar… and yours will too!

    We have included basic instructions and tips and tricks, but for best results view our instructional video and refer to it often.

    How-to Video




    1. When you receive your sugar, we recommend you let it sit upright in a cool to room temperature space (72F/22C) for up to 8-12 hours before opening the jar. During shipping the sugar can be left upside down or on its side, causing it to stick to the seal. If you allow the sugar to settle in the upright position it will reach a more optimal Sugaring consistency and not stick to the seal. 
    2. Clean and dry skin thoroughly. Do not sugar in the same room where you have showered, as the steam can cause the sugar to become too sticky. 
    3. Lightly apply Sugar Me Smooth Prepping Powder to absorb excess oils on the skin for optimal hair removal (optional).
    4. Using an applicator, slowly apply sugar against the direction of the hair growth three times.
    5. After third spread, hold skin taut and quickly flick applicator in the same direction of the hair growth fully removing sugar and hair from skin (the trick is to “flick” fast). To avoid bruising do not lift up.
    6. Continue using the same piece of sugar until it no longer removes hair easily. (i.e. entire leg only requires 1-3 golf ball size pieces of sugar/upper lip requires 1 marble size piece - this may vary).
    7. Using warm water, wash any remaining sugar from the skin.
    8. To replenish and calm skin, use Sugar Me Smooth Soothing Solution or Soothing Mist.

    *Our unique Flicker applicators are reusable and easily washed clean with warm water.

    Tips and Tricks

    • When you receive your sugar, we recommend you let it sit upright in a cool to room temperature space for up to 8-12 hours before opening the jar. This will allow it to reach a more optimal Sugaring temperature and not stick to the seal. 
    • Keep the room cool with air conditioning or apply in front of the fan.
    • Sugar Me Smooth sugar picks up shorter hair than most hair removal products. We recommend at least 3-5 days post shaving length (this may vary). If hair is too long it can cause discomfort. It may be necessary to trim some areas before sugaring.
    • Sugar Me Smooth sugar naturally heats to your body temperature. However, if sugar is too firm or difficult to remove from the jar, you can heat the jar of sugar in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes.
    • If you are in a humid climate, you can either sugar in a room with air conditioning or stand in front of a fan. If the sugar becomes too warm, it will be very sticky. This can also happen once the sugar has been heated from body heat transferred from multiple reuses. 
    • If the sugar becomes too sticky and gooey while you're applying, do not continue tugging on your skin to get it off.  This can cause discomfort and bruising.  Simply scoop a new colder, harder piece of sugar and apply diagonally over the gooey area. Then always remember to flick fast. This will pick up all remaining sugar. In the event that nothing is working then simply wash the sugar off with warm water and start again with clean dry skin.
    • Please note, the first time you sugar, the hair follicles may have never been pulled out by the root before! With consistent sugaring hair comes back finer and thinner with slower regrowth. Over time the hair follicles weaken and the hairs come out easier with less sting and longer lasting results.
    • Avoid sugaring when you are sweating; this can cause extreme irritation.
    • Avoid sugaring directly after showering, or in the same room where steam can affect the consistency of the sugar.
    • If you are prone to swelling or bruising, use caution, and avoid lifting or patting motions when sugaring. Also, remember to hold skin taut and FLICK FAST and DON'T PULL UP. Pull downward similar to removing a band-aid. Watching the How-To video as much as you need will aid in getting the technic down. 
    • Sensitive skin is usually an indicator of dehydrated or dry skin. Exfoliate, drink lots of water, and moisturize faithfully days prior to sugaring.
    • If redness occurs expect it to subside within only 15-30 minutes compared to several hours with waxing.
    • Make sure the skin is free of oil from lotions, scrubs or body oils when sugaring. 
    • Sugar Me Smooth will not remove natural tan like wax, but if you have a faux tan it may come off where applying Sugar Me Smooth.
    • Avoid significant sun exposure 24 hours prior to, and after, sugaring.
    • If you are diabetic or allergic to sugar or lemons, please consult your doctor before sugaring.
    • If you fling a piece of sugar onto clothing or the bathroom floor, quickly dab it up and it will attach to the larger piece of sugar that you are using. If the sugar doesn’t dab up quickly, don’t worry, it will quickly clean up simply by using warm water.

    Tips and Tricks For Men

    • Sugar Me Smooth effectively removes hair on chest, feet and back with the same steps outlined in the video demonstrating on other areas.
    • Due to the thickness of men's hair, longer hair is preferred to allow sugar to adhere best. In order to avoid the discomfort of long hair tugging as sugar is applied, hair may be trimmed to no shorter than 1/4" (1cm) and still effectively remove hair.
    • Sugar Me Smooth is not suggested for thick facial hair.
    • Removal of back and neck hair typically requires the help of another person.
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