Face Hair Removal System

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  • Face Hair Removal System

Face Hair Removal System

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$38.00 $34.20 -10%

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  • Hair Removal That's Actually Good For Your Skin!

    • 100% All Natural - Only Sugar, Lemons & Water.
    • No Strips - Unique Flicking Method with Applicators included. 
    • No Heating - Sugar naturally heats with the temperature of the skin, so no preparation heating is necessary. 
    • Sweet Freedom - Smoother skin that lasts longer. Guaranteed!
    • Instant - Soothing Mist provides immediate relief after Sugaring sensitive areas.
    • Soothing Mist Works to tighten and close pores.
    • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

      More Reasons to Buy Sugar Me Smooth

      • Water Soluble - Just use warm water for easy cleanup.
      • No More Hair - Finer & less frequent regrowth, leading to permanency.
      • Less Pain - than waxing.
      • For Everybody - Works on all hair types.
      • Skin Healthy - Exfoliates & removes dead skin cells while Sugaring.
      • Private - Sugaring can now be done in your own home! 
      • Gentle on Skin - No burns from waxing or rashes from shaving.
      • Our Recipe - Not made on the stove top. Our Sugar is better, even the pros say so!
      • Easy to Learn - Instructional "How To" Video and Tips/Tricks included.  
      • Calming - Use Soothing Mist to calm and nourish irritated skin from sunburns or rashes.
      • Quality - Never diluted for finest and most effective care of the skin.
      • Infused - Lavender Essential Oils provide an All-Natural source of fragrance for the soothing mist.
      • Healing - Lavender Essential Oil heals and soothes irritated skin.
      • Made in USA

      Sugar Is The New Wax!