Angle-Grip Flicker Set
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Angle-Grip Flicker Set

Regular price $8.00
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The New Angle-Grip Flicker

This patent pending design has been tailored to fit any hand size and flick from any angle while using the perfect combination of flex and strength to remove hair by the root. 

Let the Flicker do the work! 

Sugaring just got even better. Remove hair by the root easier and less painfully than ever before. Replace your old Flickers or get extra to speed up the sugaring session, reducing the number of times to rinse used flickers.  


Features You'll Love:

New Angled Tip

Offers easier access to hard-to-reach areas like the back of the legs and the bikini area.

New Grip Texture

Slippage while sugaring is a thing of the past! New grip texture keeps you in control of the sugar.

New Firmer Material

Let the Flicker do the work for you. Our new thicker, firmer material reduces hand cramping & gives your fingers a break!

New Finger Guide

No more guessing if your finger placement is right while sugaring, keep your fingertips on the line for a perfect flick!


Extra Flickers = A Quicker Sugaring Session

"Grab an extra flicker kit! It makes a huge difference when sugaring! I rotate between a couple flickers and it helps keep the sugar cool. Highly recommend!" - Sugar Me Smooth Community Member

Flicker Kit Includes: 

  • 2 Large Angle-Grip Flickers

  • 3 Small Angle-Grip Flickers

  • 1 Spot Flicker

30 day satisfaction guarantee badge30 Day Guarantee: We got your back.  Money that is.  Our sugar wax will get back hair or other awkward spots.  If you are not 100% satisified with your product we will arrange for an easy return.  All gently used products are eligible for a refund within 30 days.  Pretty much unheard of in the beauty industry. 
Fast Shipping BadgeFast Shipping:  Waiting too long for product can get prickly.  Can't wait any longer to get that hair outta there?  We get it... Hair Free = Care Free!   So most orders processed by 4 pm EST. are shipped same day so you can get your product fast because smooth skin shouldn't wait.  Make sure and get your right address when you order.

Easy returns badgeSugaring not for you?  Simply email within 30 days of getting your product & let us know.  Within one business day we will provide our Utah address.  Just pay Return Shipping and we will process your refund once we receive your return.  (Can take 7-10 days to process and funds crediting back.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Lillian P.
Body sugar

I absolutely loveeeee my sugar me smooth! I've never had better waxing results on my legs! I've tried multiple home wax kits and compared to sugar me smooth they all SUCK. Unlike other waxes this sugar actually pulls the hair out and not just break the hair at the base of your skin! Never going back!

Quick learning curve

As a first time user, I was a bit nervous. My legs have sensitive skin. But the Sugar me Smooth wax did not irritate like chemical Kaden waxes and creams do, and the flick was easy to master (watch the videos, it really helps!)

N. M.
Angled Flicker is everything!

The angled flicker was so comfortable and easy to use. My hand didn’t get too sticky and I was able to grip it well the whole session. Previous sessions had my hand getting too slick from sugar and struggling to finish without cleaning the flicker and getting new sugar. This time I did both kegs with the same sugar and it was so much easier to get a good flick! Bonus: NO bruising!!

Mandy C.
Angle Grip

Single most amazing product I’ve used with sugaring. Definitely makes the process so much better! The wipes are truly amazing.. will be ordering from you again. Thank you for making the sugaring journey more effective !

New Angle grip flicker kit

Great concept of the angle, was much easier to use but if too much pressure is applied it breaks. Overall good.